Recently completed work

All of my furniture is made from solid oak with a wax, oiled or varnished finish and can be supplied with 3.6cm diameter oak dowel legs as standard or steel hairpin legs.  All of my furniture can be supplied with your preferred choice of height and finish.  

​Bespoke furniture handmade from Victorian seasoned​​ oak felled 150 years ago and walnut felled 60 years ago and salvaged from a Victorian reproduction Viking warship made into furniture in the Forest of Dean. 

Bespoke Furniture and homeware


Idea - what I make​​

I started my career as an aeronautical engineer, then I enjoyed 20 years as an industrial abseiler in the UK and in the the North Sea.  I now love make furniture in the Forest of Dean from reclaimed oak.  

My page shows a small selection of recently completed work that is available to buy either directly or through Shop Etsy.  If you would like to discuss a bespoke item of furniture feel free to contact me directly using the contact button above to discuss.